Shanghai Tour Accomplished in the Typhoon
2011-07-06 11:34:30  来源: CX官网

25th,June, the fifth Strong tropical storm Meari landed in Shanghai, although the weather disturbed a lot, the passion of extreme sports could not be blocked. Dozens of players gathered in Shanghai, and gave a thrilling and wonderful extreme show.

Typhoon Blew the Props Away

25th, June, 2011CX games opened in Wanda Square Zhoupu in Shanghai. Strong tropical storm  Meari landed in Shanghai and keep raining more than 10 hours. The rain made the props too wet, the game have to be delayed to 26th.

The weather was sunny 26thJune, but it was still windy. In the morning, one set of props nearly several tons was blown and moved to another set of props, all the people was shocked by the scene.



In order to open the games , Organizing Committee  have to arrange the props like before, all the workers and volunteers even hauled the props by themselves. After 3 hours hard-working, the props were combined together again, and the games were opened at 12:00 on time.

Games in the Typhoon

The match at Shanghai was almost completed in the typhoon. Extreme sports not only bring the players good health , but also temper their wills.

The first term was BMX-park, Patrick from Canada did FRONTFLIP 、BACKFLIP、BUNNY HOP  NO-HAND、flare in second round and got the champion.

In the term BMX-flatland , another player William from Canada versus Jiang Huangjie from  China. At last William  got the champion of this term.



The champion of SKB Street was Zhang Ziyang. He was the champion of both Beijing Tour & Shanghai Tour. The champion of AIL Park was Pascal from Canada and the champion of AIL High-Jump was Cui Wentao from China.

Shanghai Tour is the second tour of CX Games. Top ten players of each item from the ten tours will promote to the National Finals & International Open in National Stadium (Bird's Nest) this October.


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