CX OPEN 2011
2011-04-07 15:39:45  来源: CX官网

China X OPEN was founded in 1999 by the Chinese Extreme Sports Association.CX OPEN is currently the only touring extreme sports competition in operation. CX was founded earliest, and is the largest scale and most influential competition in China.

Our partners include CCTV, which is China’s biggest sports channel, and the finalvenue to be used is the Olympic Stadium in Beijing where the 2008 Olympic Games were held.

CX International Open 2011 will be held on October 28 to 30, The projectinclude:BMX Park,BMX Flatland, Skateparks, AIL park, MTB park, BMX dirt jump,BMX Best Air Trick


Event Date
October 27-30,2011
Registration deadline
September 16th,2011
Arrival Beijing before
October 25,2011
Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest / Olympic )
B3 Park
BMX Park / Best Air Trick
Skate Park
AIL Park
BMX Dirt jump
Event organization
Chinese Extreme Sports Association



CX Open
China National (each discipline) 1st-3rd
Sep 16 (Fri)
Benefits (free)
Hotel: Otc 27- Otc 30
Shuttle: Airport - Hotel / Hotel - Airport
Language: Free Translators (English)


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